Here your have an easy way to reuse your milk or juice packaging giving them new life! Original, cheap, ecologic…what else do you need? 

Systemic design for Ortofruit

This is the project of the Open Systems module of the Master degree onEcodesign.In this project we have started from the analysis of the actual situation of the company Ortofruit that is a fruit and vegetable production system situated in Piemonte (Italy). Once we have analyzed the whole system that involves the chain of fruit and vegetables, since they are collected until they reach the consumer, we have checked the needed inputs and the created outputs, in order to improve the existing problems. In this way, we have created a new system for the whole chain, making the company and the products they sell more sustainable. 

Politecnico di Torino, 2010. In collaboration with M.Bicocca, R.Destefanis, P.Guarneri, L.Mei, E.Paluello, M.Paolizzi, A.Patella, G.Rendine, R. Riva Dogliat, S.Szymanska and G.Zurlo.

Design of a new modular fridge: Kybos

Kybos is the final project of the Product Components Module of the Master Degree on Ecodesign. The idea comes from the analysis of different characteristics of the territory, the subject and their culture. The main characteristic of the Kybos fridge is the modularity which permits the separation the food depending on the conservation temperature needed. Another important feature is the possibility to move each module giving the chance to connect to the outside in order to use the temperature depending to the season. 

Politecnico di Torino, 2009-2010.                                                                         In collaboration with Anna Patella and Gianluca Rendine.